School Facilities



Being an institution that seeks to inculcate all round excellence, the school puts in a lot of effort in facilitating the achievement of this goal through provision of the necessary facilities that will help the learners to develop in all aspects of their lives, i.e. Academically, Socially, Morally and spiritually. Among the facilities put in place include:


The library is an integral part of a learner’s life in school, and it is in this view that the school has stocked the library with different genres of literature materials. The library is well stocked with course reference materials, Revision Materials, Religious Books, Periodicals, Newspapers among others.


The school also has two well equipped laboratories for practical Biology session and other for physical sciences. These laboratories give the students the opportunity to learn practically many of the issues they learn in class, as well as the opportunity to operate and use some of the scientific equipment .

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory has around 10 machines. This enables us to expose our students to the modern communication technology and give them an edge in the job market. Learners are not only allowed to use the computer lab for lessons but for their research as well. We have also created a website (see address) and are in the process of networking our computers so as to enable students access the internet (under teacher supervision)


The school has dormitory (with a total of around 180 boys).all the boarders students stay in the dormitory. The dormitory is well equipped with a number of washrooms complete with hot water. The school is also in the process of expanding the boarding facilities and converting the school into a full boarding school.

 Dining hall/kitchen

The school has a well equipped dining and kitchen. The dining accommodates more than 400 students hence spacious enough for the current student’s population. The kitchen has modern boilers


The school has 10 classes each class accommodating around 35-40 students


the staffroom is well equipped with teachers cabinets and a set of TV for entertainment, the staffroom can accommodate around 40 teachers

-Accounts office

-Principals office

-Secretary to the principal office

-Games store






Computer Club

The club was started to encourage use of ICT in the school

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Teaching Staff

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