School History


Parklands school exudes a rich history that spawns from colonial and post colonial past. The founding fathers of the school-the two Goan educationist in East Africa; the late Dr. A.C.I de Souza and Dr.Riberio, combined efforts and started a school to cater for interest of their community members.

The Goan were a district class that entered the country in the 20th century as professional doctors, laywers and businessmen. The community identified themselves with Portuguese and catholic values. They attended services in St. Francis Xavier-a church they helped build.

They also took pride in western way of life and talked English and potuguese, but also kept their age old Indian caste system. The search for identity and a sense of belonging shaped their vision and achievement. They formed social clubs such as Goan Gymkhana (Parklands Gymkhana)

Dr. Riberio Goan School was founded in 1928 on hired premises but the present site was acquired and a building erected in 1931.the guiding theme then was “mens sana in corpore sano” i.e a healthy mind in a healthy body. By 1941, it had attained secondary school status. In May 1955 the foundation stone for the Goan secondary (presently parklands boys’ secondary school) was laid. it was envisioned to accommodate 288 students.
The Goan oversees association was to oversee all matters of management of the school, maintaining the Goan interests, social structure and standards in the school. The school was officially opened by the consul General Portugal Dr. Antonio Ressano Garcia on 24th may 1956.
Dr. A.C.I de Souza and Dr.Riberio later on successfully negotiated with the government then (colony and colonial protectorate of Kenya) for land grand. They acquired the land on 1st august 1957 under the “The Goans Overseas Association Trustees registered”

In 1965 the school renamed to parklands school upon being taken over by the ministry of education’s District Education Board. This was done in the spirit of in depended governments decolonilization and africanization policies.

In 1973 the parklands school diversified into primary and secondary school, with the primary managed by the city council of Nairobi while parklands secondary became a government school. The spirit of the school then, through its motto “Educatio Omnia Vincit”-which translates to (education overcomes all obstacles) aimed to instill perseverance, service to community, capacity bulding, individuals potentials and team work.

The first African principal Mr.H.K Mbuthia took over in 1975 and was, and since then the school has transformed enormously. It has embraces diversity in culture from all Kenyan communities. It has grown in enrolment from parklands environment to the entire city community and far flung estates like; Dagoretti, Kawangware, Githurai, Gachie, Westlands, Kayole, Kibera and Baba Dogo.

The student population cuts across all social-economic groups within the city, especially; the low and middle income groups. The school comprises of day and boarding scholars, a primary school which which also attracts students from diverse social-economic groups. The co-existence of the two levels of schooling gives it a unique character in the education system. It moulds students from very early development stages to high school-a transion that leads to skilled career development.


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Computer Club

The club was started to encourage use of ICT in the school

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